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About this website

The purpose of this website is to serve personal users, businesses and public authorities with information and guidance about digital signatures and NemID.

The central NemID website

This website is the central point of entry for information on digital signatures and NemID.

As a personal user, you can find information about NemID, receive support and manage your NemID via self-service.

Public authorities and businesses can also find relevant information about NemID and find out what to do both as a user and as a service provider.

Organisation and sender

This website is owned by the Danish Agency for Digitisation and is the Agency’s primary source of information about digital signatures and NemID. The website is operated and maintained on behalf of the Danish Agency for Digitisation by Nets DanID A/S, which is behind the NemID solution.

The Danish Agency for Digitisation is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Finance.


You can read more about the parties behind NemID on their respective websites (opens in a new window):