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Privacy policy

When you use this website, we ensure that your personal information and data are not used fraudulently or made available to unauthorised persons.


Nemid.nu is owned by the Danish Agency for Digitisation. The purpose of nemid.nu’s privacy policy is to explain what information we collect, what we use this information for, and who this information is passed on to.

The objective of the Danish Agency for Digitisation is to protect your information, irrespective of where this information is collected, who it is passed on to or where it is stored (business partners, etc.).

This privacy policy applies to visits to the nemid.nu website. Information on how Nets DanID gathers and communicates data in connection with requests for NemID and for NemID self-service and support can be read here:

NemID conditions

Nets DanID privacy policy (in Danish and opens in a new window)

What personal information does the Danish Agency for Digitisation collect?

We track statistics to monitor how visitors use the website in order to continuously develop and improve the user experience. These statistics are used in aggregated form only, for example to identify which pages and browsers visitors to our site use the most. We use nemid.nu cookies to obtain the most accurate statistics. Cookies are used only to calculate the number of unique visitors.

Cookies are a small text file, typically stored on your computer when you use an Internet service. A cookie can also be deployed temporarily on your computer in connection with an activity for a service, and deleted when you exit that service. The cookie used does not identify the individual user, but it does identify the user’s computer.

If you do not want the Danish Agency for Digitisation to identify your computer via cookies, you can disable cookies in your browser settings.

When you have visited the Danish Agency for Digitisation’s nemid.nu website, the following information is collected about you:

  • Browser type
  • Operating system
  • IP address
  • URL (the page being displayed)
  • The time the page was visited
  • Referrer (the page you came from)
  • Type of connection (modem, ISDN, ADSL, etc.)
  • Screen resolution
  • Number of screen colours

The Danish Agency for Digitisation never collects any supplementary information from third parties relating to end-users.

Who does the Danish Agency for Digitisation pass personal information on to?

The Danish Agency for Digitisation exchanges information in anonymised form with an external company for statistical purposes. The information is not passed on to anyone else.

The Danish Agency for Digitisation does not pass on personal information to any other third parties.