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Beware of fake websites

One of the most frequent scams on the internet is called phishing. A phishing scam usually involves a scammer sending an email or a text-message directly to you. In the message, the sender will encourage you to follow a link to a specific website.

The scammer will try to make their message appear as if, it was sent from an authentic and credible source e.g. a bank or the public authorities. Even the website where the link leads you - could look suspiciously similar to an existing, trustworthy website.

If you don’t notice the difference between the fake site and the real site, you might unknowingly hand over your personal NemID information, instantly allowing the scammer to misuse your log-in information.

How do I know if a website is fake?

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to determine if a website is fake or not. An experienced it-criminal can meticulously copy anything on an existing site, making it very difficult for the ordinary user to tell the difference.  

However; there are a few key indicators to be aware of - before you type in your NemID information or follow a link from an email/text-message: 

  1. Neither banks nor any public authority would send you a message with a direct link to a NemID log-in site, without any prior notification.
  2. Remember to check the address bar of your browser. It should start with “https” and contain a padlock-symbol.
  3. Many major public websites use NemLog-in. So when logging in to a public website, double check the address bar. It should read “https://nemlog-in.dk/login.aspx/noeglekort....
  4. Be aware if the website looks and works as it normally would. A good indicator of a fake site would be a disproportionate amount of spelling errors or broken links.
  5. If you are still in doubt, try briefly navigating the site without entering any personal information. If you are still uncertain, close your browser and start over by typing in the website address you need, directly into the address bar.