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NemID employee Certificate

NemID employee certificate is a further development of the original employee digital signature that has been around since 2002. Nets DanID is behind both NemID employee certificate and digital signatures.

Benefits of employee certificate

You can use the employee certificate to identify yourself as an employee of a particular company or organisation when:

  • Communicating with the public authorities on behalf of the company
  • Signing documents online
  • Accessing information from a public authority

You can also use the employee certificate when you need to access internal IT systems, or if you need to send or receive secure e-mails that are encrypted and signed using a digital signature.

Two types of employee certificate

You have a choice of two different types of employee certificate:

  1. NemID employee certificate with a key file that corresponds to your current employee digital signature. This is a software solution where the certificate is installed on the employee’s computer.
  2. NemID employee certificate with a code card, which is like personal NemID. This is a code card solution where the certificate is deployed on a central server at Nets DanID.

Find further information at nets.dk (In Danish)