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Are you living abroad

Danes living abroad can order NemID in different ways:

  • You can get NemID by visiting a citizen service centre in Denmark
  • You can order for NemID online if you have a valid Danish driving licence or Danish passport. You pick up the temporary activation password at a nearby Danish Representation in the country you live in.
  • You can order NemID in your Danish bank.

Order NemID at a citizen service centre

You can get NemID in a citizen service centre in Denmark. Here you can have the NemID code card and the temporary activation password handed out immediately.

Your CPR number must be evident from your identity papers and you must answer 2-4 check questions correctly proving your identity or bring an attesting witness, who can give evidence to your identity.

You need to show valid ID to obtain NemID through personal attendance.

Valid ID

Danish representation

The NemID code card will be sent to your address in the country you live in.

You are to choose at which Embassy or consulate you would like to pick up the NemID activation password. When you pick up your activation password at a Danish representation you must bring the document you used when you ordered your NemID online.

If you wish to pick up the activation password at a representation in a foreign country, you must be aware that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will charge a fee (200 kr.).

If you have ordered a NemID online, you can also choose to pick up the activation password at a Danish citizen service centre.

You will find the list of  Danish representation abroad (in Danish).

If you change your address in a foreign country

If you change your address in a foreign country after ordering NemID, you must change the address in the NemID self-service. Hereby NemID can send you new NemID code cards.

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