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Introduction to NemID

NemID – self-service on the Internet

NemID is a common secure login on the Internet, whether you are doing your online banking, finding out information from the public authorities or engaging with one of the many businesses that use NemID.

A common login

NemID is the same login everywhere. Whether you’re doing your online banking or you need to view your tax file, the way you log in will be exactly the same.

NemID consists of a user ID, a password and a code card containing codes (one-time passwords). When you log on, you first enter your user ID and password and then a code from your code card.

Easy to use

Once you have got NemID, you can use it on most computers with an Internet connection. There are only three things to remember: Your user ID, password and code card.

You choose your own user ID and password – which you must commit to memory – and the code card is a little piece of card about the size of a credit card which you need to look after carefully. You can also take NemID with you and use it on other computers.

A secure solution

NemID gives priority to security, and as already mentioned, there are three things for you to remember in order to be able to use NemID.

These three things are also an important part of the security surrounding this solution: Something you know (your user ID and password) and something you have (your code card). This way, NemID is well protected against burglars and hackers.