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NemID will soon close

NemID closes on June 30th 2023. After this date, you can only access digital self-service solutions with MitID.

NemID will close completely. This includes the NemID app, code card and code card token, the Voice Response solution, employee signature and Secure email. After June 30th 2023, you can no longer log on to nemid.nu to access your NemID event log history.

From early March, NemID users will receive a notification about the upcoming shutdown in the NemID app, reading:

"On June 30th 2023, NemID closes. After this date, you can no longer use NemID. Use MitID already now".

Do you still need to get your MitID?

There are more ways of getting MitID. You can obtain a MitID by scanning your passport in the MitID app or by appointment at Borgerservice. Until June 2023, you can also get a MitID at MitID.dk.

Read more at www.mitid.dk


The Secure email solution is closing

The Secure email solution, as you know it from NemID, will not continue with MitID. If you are or have been a user of Secure email in NemID, you will not be able to send and receive emails through NemID when NemID closes.

MitID cannot be used to decrypt old emails encrypted with NemID. When NemID closes, you lose access to your emails encrypted with NemID. Save your encrypted emails in PDF format by mid-2023 if you need to access them.

Note that if you use a hardware or key file version of NemID, you can still open your NemID-encrypted emails.

If you have questions about Secure email, you can contact our support.


MitID Erhverv replaces NemID employee signature

When NemID closes on June 30th 2023, NemID Business ceases. This includes NemID employee signature and company and function certificates.

Therefore, you must join MitID Erhverv before this date and replace the organisation's certificates to ensure that you can continue to handle secure email communication, read Digital Post, apply for reimbursement of maternity pay or log on to other public self-service solutions etc.

Read more about MitID Erhverv here: mitid-erhverv.dk, where help is available.