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NemID is closing

After June 30th, NemID will continue with limited operation and gradually phase out until October 31st 2023. This is to secure a safe, ongoing transition from NemID for business to MitID Business, and ensures a good transition for central and complex solutions and organizations such as municipalities and regions.

Limited operation after June 30th 2023 means that the issuing of NemID ceases, and that it will no longer be possible to receive support related to NemID. It will still be possible to receive help blocking your NemID by calling +45 72 24 70 50 for citizens and +45 72 24 70 90 for business users with a NemID employee signature.

After May 30th, new key cards and new temporary passwords will not be printed. This means citizens cannot order new key cards and temporary access codes but can only collect these from The Citizen Service (Borgerservice) until June 30th 2023. After May 30th, citizens abroad will no longer be able to order NemID for collection at a Danish representation abroad.

Digital self-service solutions will gradually cease to offer login with NemID. You need a MitID to have continued access to digital self-service solutions.


Have you not gotten a MitID yet?

You can get MitID in several ways, either by scanning your passport in the MitID app or by visiting Borgerservice. The option to use NemID to obtain a MitID via MitID.dk ends on June 5th 2023.

Read more at http://www.mitid.dk/en-gb/get-started-with-mitid  

The shutdown of the Secure e-mail (Sikker e-mail) solution

The secure e-mail (Sikker e-mail) solution we know from NemID will not continue in MitID. If you are or have been a user of Secure e-mail in NemID, you will not be able to send and receive e-mails through NemID when NemID is closed.

MitID cannot be used to decrypt old e-mails encrypted with NemID. When NemID closes, you lose access to your e-mails encrypted with NemID. Save your encrypted e-mails in PDF format by mid-2023 if you need to read them.

Note that if you are a user of NemID on hardware or key file, you can still open your e-mails encrypted with NemID.

MitID Business replaces NemID Employee Signature

All companies, authorities and associations that use NemID for business must switch to MitID Business before NemID for business closes.

Limited operation of NemID after June 30th means, among other things, that support for NemID for business ceases and you can no longer order new key cards. Employees, who use key cards must switch to a key file, as it is no longer possible to order new key cards.

The Digital Agency encourages all organizations to switch to MitID Business before June 30th 2023, just as organizations that currently use OCES2 certificates for, e.g. system-to-system communication or secure e-mail, must change to new OCES3 certificates as soon as possible. OCES2 certificates will be blocked after October 31st when the NemID solution will finally be phased out.

Read more about MitID Business here: mitid-erhverv.dk, where help is also available.