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Technical requirements

Requirements for your computer

You can use NemID from most computers with an internet connection. You will need to have a new internet browser installed to use NemID (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.).

In the following table you can see which internet browsers and operating system NemID are supported on.



  Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10
Edge - - supported
Internet Explorer 11 supported supported supported
Mozilla Firefox supported supported supported
Google Chrome supported supported supported

Mac OS and Ubuntu Linux

  Mac OS 10.9 subsequent releases Ubuntu
Mozilla Firefox supported supported
Apple Safari supported -
Google Chrome supported -


When a combination of the browser and the operating system are supported, it means that this combination should work. If this combination does not work, you can contact the support for help. If you use an operating system, an internet browser, a unit or an e-mail program that is not supported, it cannot be guaranteed that NemID will work. NemID will often work anyway, but our support is typically unable to assist in case of difficulties.

Latest versions of operating systems and browsers are supported.

We recommend for safety reasons, that you in general keep your software updated – and so that you can receive support from us.

NemID on mobile devices

NemID on mobile devices (iOS and Android) are only supported for usage of code cards. When using a code token (NemID on hardware or NemID for business with code token), mobile devices are not supported.

Please be aware of longer respond time if you use older devices.


  Apple Safari
Latest iOS  supported


  Google Chrome
4.4 KitKat supported
5.x Lollipop supported
6.x Marshmallow supported
7.x Nougat  supported
8.x Oreo  supported

Cookies must be allowed

It is not possible for you to order NemID logon with NemID, if you have set up your browser to reject cookies.

You can set up all browsers to either warn you, ask you to accept cookies, automatically accept cookies or reject cookies.