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Valid ID

You need to show valid ID to obtain NemID through personal attendance.

Get NemID immediately by showing up in person

If you wish to get a new codecard or temporary password for your NemID or obtain a new NemID, you can visit a citizen service centre in person and bring valid ID.

Your CPR number must be evident from your identity papers and you must answer 2-4 check questions correctly proving your identity or bring an attesting witness, who can give evidence to your identity.

The check questions are based on information in the central national register (CPR). If the central national register only contain limited information about you, check questions will not be applicable. In such cases you will need to bring an attesting witness.

If you are a foreigner or if you have only been in Denmark for a short while, you should bring an attesting witness to ensure that you can get a NemID.

An attesting witness must be at least 18 years old, have a CPR number and must present valid photo identification, and sign a solemn declaration under penalty of law.

If you do not wish to answer check questions or bring an attesting witness, you may have the NemID code card sent to your home address, if the address is registered in the central national register (CPR).

The last option is - among other special cases - not possible for citizens, who have requested non-disclosure of name and address or citizens living abroad.

You have several options regarding ID:

ID with photo

The forms of valid (not expired) photo identification are listed below.

  • National driver’s license issued in an EU/EEA Member State, Greenland or the Faroe Islands
  • Passport issued by a public authority in your home country
  • Military ID card (from Denmark)
  • NATO passport
  • Police ID card (from Denmark)
  • Residence permit with photo issued in Denmark
  • Danish banks’ ID card
  • National ID card with photo issued by a public authority in your home country and which can be used as a travel document in Schengen states.

ID without photo

If you do not have any photo identification, you must bring two other types of ID, one from each category 1.-4. in the list below. One of which must include your CPR number.

  1. Birth or name certificate
  2. Health insurance card or certificate of residential address
  3. Latest annual statement or preliminary income statement from SKAT (Danish Tax and Customs Administration)
  4. Documentation of receipt of public benefits (dating back no further than three months).

Please note that at least one of the ID cards must be your health insurance card, certificate of residential address, or birth or name certificate.

Please note also that if your NemID is obtained via your bank and you later on wish to use your NemID as a public digital signature via citizen services, you also must be identified according to the guidelines above.

Find your citizen service center

You can search for the citizen service centre closest to you here (in Danish, new window)