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Code card and codes

The code card is a list of one-time codes that you use when you log on with NemID. One-time codes are called codes.

The code card is a small card the size of a credit card where the codes are imprinted.

Each code on the card has a number - a code number. In addition, each code card is given a unique code card number.

The code card is personal and matches only with your NemID, it is therefore important you take good care of it and keep it in a safe place.

Take care of your code card

  • The code card is personal and should be kept out of reach
  • The code card must never be kept together with your password
  • You will automatically receive a new code card before you have used up all the codes on the card
  • If you lose your code card or have any suspicion of abuse, you must immediately cancel it

How to use the code card

You have to use your code card, when you want to log on with NemID and have entered your user ID and password.

  • The system will request you to enter a code. You will be shown a 4 digit key number (#).
  • Find the code number (#) on your code card. The six digit code is to the right of the code number (#).
  • Enter the six digit code in the box under the key icon.
  • When you have entered the code from the code card, you press “Next” and are now logged on.

The system keeps track of the codes

When a code has been used once, the system will never request that key again. Once all the codes on the code card have been used, the code card will not be used anymore.

You will automatically receive a new code card when there are 20 codes left on the card.

Address other than your nationally registred address

You can also temporarily change your address if you want to send your code cards to another address for a period of time.

Edit code card settings