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Code card in large font

If you have troubles reading the text on the standard code card, you can order a code card in large font.

What does it look like?

If you wish to test a code card in large font, you can download an example here on this page. Try to print the code card in A4, and test if you can see the font.

Download example

It is important that you test the code card by printing it, to make sure that you see it in the right proportions

Activation password

Be aware that the activation code that we send you will be in standard font. The first time that you use your NemID, you can choose to have the activation password send by SMS. If you receive your activation password by mail, you will need to decide whether you are able to read the activation password in standard font this one time.

You can change your mind

You can always choose to have a code card in standard font, if you long wish to use the code card in large font. You can change it in the Self-service.

Change settings for the code card