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NemID code card

The code card is a list of one-time passwords for you to use when you log on to NemID.

The code card is personal

The code card is a little piece of card about the size of a credit card, printed with the codes.

Each code on the card has a number – a code number. In addition, each code card carries a unique code card number.

The code card is personal and only works with your NemID.

Your code card must not be digitalized

  • Your code card is personal to you and must not be made available to anyone else.
  • Never keep your code card together with your password. According the the NemID rules your are not allowed to write down your password.
  • You will automatically be sent a new code card before you have used all the codes on the card.
  • If you lose your code card or suspect fraud, you should immediately block the card.
  • You must not copy, photograph or digitalize your code card.

Extra code cards

If you are travelling for a longer period of time you can order extra code cards.

Request extra code card

Temporary change of address

You can enter a temporary change of address, if you need to have your code cards sent somewhere else for a period of time.

Edit code card settings