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NemID on hardware

You can use NemID on hardware, if you wish to skip the code card when you logon with your NemID.

USB-stick instead of code card

With NemID on hardware, your NemID will be installed on a secured USB-stick. With this solution you will only have to use a password when login in with NemID.

Be aware that NemID on hardware cannot be used at tablets and smartphones.

NemID on hardware can be an advantage if you often use your NemID from the same computer, use many codes or are having troubles using a code card. You will only have to use a password, and hence not use a user id and code card.

You should also be aware that NemID on hardware cannot be used for online banking.

Order NemID on hardware

NemID on hardware require approved hardware. You can order NemID on hardware yourself.

After ordering the hardware, you will within a few days receive an Activation Password at your address. The Activation Password is necessary for the installation of the NemID on hardware. If you have name or address protection or live in a foreign country, you must pick up the Activation Password at a Citizen Service Center in Denmark or at a Danish Representation in a foreign country.

Order NemID on hardware

Install drivers on your computer

You must install two drivers on the computer, from which you wish to use the NemID on hardware. If you wish to logon from others computers, the same drivers must be installed on these.

Download drivers (In Danish)

Activate NemID on hardware

To use your hardware, you must activate NemID on hardware.

Activate NemID on hardware