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NemID code app

NemID Code app is a supplement for your NemID.

With the NemID Code app, you can use your NemID straight from your smartphone or tablet – without handling your NemID code card.

Whenever you need to use your NemID code app, you will receive a notification on your device with a request. You won’t have to look around for codes from your code card, as you will never run out of codes.

NemID Code app is developed in a partnership between the financial sector and the public sector. Nets DanID is the supplier of the NemID infrastructure while E-nettet has developed the app itself.

NemID Code app is available through  App Store and Google Play and is free of charge!

How the code app works

You will use the NemID Code app to approve NemID transactions, where you usually would have needed your physical code card. Whenever you need to utilize NemID, you will receive a notification on your smartphone with a request for approval.

Read how to activate and use your code app in the menu on the left.


Functions in the NemID code app

Help menu

In the right corner there is a button. Once you click the button, you will receive guidance for the specific place you are in the app.



In the left corner there is a button. By clicking on the button you will open the app-settings.

  • Lock when the app closes
    The app will automatically lock every time you close the app if this setting is switched on. The app will automatically lock after 5 minutes, no matter what you choose.
  • Unlock with fingerprint
    If your phone or tablet supports face recognition or fingerprint, you can switch it on and off here.
  • Turn on notifications
    You can turn on or turn off notifications here. The app functions best with notifications turned on. In Android this setting is only visible if notifications are turned off.
  • Change PIN code for the code app
    Here you can change the PIN code for the code app.
  • Help and NemID support
    If you have any questions or are in need of help, you will find contact information here.
  • Show guide
    Here you will find a short guide to the app. 
  • Serial number
    If you wish to contact support, please state the serial number listed here.  
  • Revoke code app
    If you wish to revoke the code app press here. All the data at the unit will be deleted, and the code app will be deleted from the NemID system. We recommend that you revoke the code app before you delete the app from your device.