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Code token

What is a code token?

A code token is an “electronic code card” in the form of a little device with a button and a display.

Using the code token, you can generate a code at the touch of a button.

You might find it easier to use a code token, if you often log on with your NemID.

A supplement to your code card

NemID code token is a supplement to your code card.

Purchase NemID code token (new window - in Danish)

Keep your code card

You must keep your code card.

The code card is used if you lose your code token and need to block it, or you if you need to edit your name, address or e-mail address in self-service.

You will also need to use the code card if you want to buy a new code token.

Your code token is personal

  • Your code token is personal to you and must not be made available to anyone else.
  • Never keep your code token together with your password.
  • If you lose your code token or you suspect fraud, you should immediately block it.

You must block your code token immediately if:

  • You have lost your code token.
  • You suspect someone has access to your code token.
  • You have any other reason to suspect fraud.

Blocking your code token means you will temporarily not be able to use it.

You must reactivate the code token to be able to use it again.

Block code token

Log on to self-service using your code card and block your code token as follows:

  • Select “Code token” from the menu on the left.
  • Click on the “Block code token” link at the bottom of the landing page.