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Use the same NemID for all services

To log on with your NemID on public and private websites, you must order a public digital signature (the so called OCES certificate) for your NemID.

Legitimized by your bank

If you are legitimized by your bank and approved for a public digital signature, you can order a public digital signature online.

Order public digital signature for your NemID (in Danish)

Order a public digital signature with Danish passport or driving licence

You can order public digital signature for your NemID if you have a Danish passport or a Danish driving licence.

During this process you will be asked, if you wish to link your NemID together – the one you have ordered through your bank and the one you want to use to log on public or private services - press "yes" to this option, and you can now use the same user id, password and code card for digital banking and public and private websites.

Order NemID with public digital signature with passport or driving licence (in Danish)

If you don’t have a Danish passport or driver’s license

If you are not legitimized by your bank, and you do not have a Danish passport or Danish driving licence, you can go to a citizen service centre.

Remember to bring valid ID.

Valid ID