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User ID and password

Your user ID

Your user ID can be one of the following:

  • NemID number
    Note that the first time you log on with NemID you must use the NemID number. You find your NemID number in the welcome letter you received from Nets DanID, your bank or Borgerservice (citizen service centre).
  • CPR number
    You can use your civil registration number (CPR no.) to log on with NemID.
  • Self-chosen user ID
    If can choose to create a self-chosen user ID for NemID.

Self-chosen user ID

A self-chosen user ID must meet the following requirements:

  • Must contain between 5 and 48 characters.
  • Must not contain certain special characters.
  • Must not start or end with a space.
  • Must not be easily confused with a NemID number or a CPR number.
  • Must not be included in your Password.
  • The User ID is not case-sensitive´.

The following special characters are allowed: { } ! # " $ ’ % ^ & , * ( ) _ + - = : ; ? . and @.

Change user ID